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Grave site like brand new again, Hawera Cemetery

Cemetery Cleaners offer a professional and affordable headstone cleaning service.
We clean and re letter all types of headstones and cover all cemeteries in the Taumaruni,Taranaki and Wanganui districts.

In today's pressurised lifestyle we understand it can be extremely difficult to find the time needed to tend and maintain the final resting place of our nearest and dearest.

You may live overseas or too far away and find it difficult to manage the work physically or have other circumstances that prevent you from doing this.

Prices start from $250.00 inc GST for cleaning and lettering (the whole job).

Cemetery Cleaners was formed in 1995 to satisfied this need. Since then many hundreds of family graves have been cleaned and restored to original condition.

We will always send a photo by e mail or by post of the finished headstone cleaning job on completion.

By searching this web site you can discover all the headstone cleaning services Cemetery Cleaners has on offer.
We will Clean and or Reletter your family headstone which in turn will restore your entire grave site to look like brand new again.

In addition to headstone cleaning and lettering we also repair broken headstones.

We will always give a free quote on request. This can be done on our Contacts page or by emailing a photo of your family grave site to

Also take a look at our Gallery to see what headstone cleaning work we have to offer.

A great headstone cleaning job. Thanks for the special interest you've taken with this project at Okaiawa, and for the excellent care you've taken through out the stages.
Tony Johnstone
Lower Hutt. family spokesman.
Many thanks for your headstone cleaning work at the Okaiawa cemetery. A solid vote of thanks for the excellent care at the Okaiawa cemetery. Our very grateful thanks for your prompt and detailed work.
Paul Johnstone
Royal Alexandra Albert School, London
Thank you for the headstone cleaning job you completed on my grandparents grave at the Waverley cemetery.The finished job looks great and the price was very reasonable.
Elliot Taylor
Elliotts Irrigation Pty Ltd, Perth
The amazing headstone cleaning and makeover work you did on Sir Maui Pomare statue at the Owae Marae was noticed by the Trustees. A big thankyou to you.
Patsy Porter
Manukorihi Pa Reserve Trustees
Owae Marae, Waitara.
Cemetery Cleaners 152a St Aubyn St,
New Plymouth NZ  Ph: 0800 144 366
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