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Re Lettering Granite

Freshly cleaned Granite Headstone

After the headstone is cleaned, (See the cleaning page for details) two coats of undercoat are then carefully applied to the heastone lettering.

The top coat (usually silver but can be any colour) is then applied.

If colour is needed (see headstone on right ) the final coat of colour or colours is also carefully painted and left overnight to dry.

The next task is to "cut" the granite headstone with a special cutting stone such as a soft pumice with plenty of water to remove the unwanted paint leaving just the letter indentations with paint.

Gravesite concrete can also be painted if required, any colour.

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Granite is used for making sculptures, gravestones and memorials, it can be carved by hand or by using computer-controlled rotary bits. The cutting of the lettering is formed by sandblasting over computor generated stencils.

Re Lettering Granite

White marble headstone with lead letters

These older white marble headstones usually have lead lettering.(see white marble headstone on right).

Because the white marble is a somewhat soft stone the weather wears away the surface of the marble over time and this leaves the lead headstone lettering protruding out from the stone.

This is why the lead lettering sometimes falls out during rough and windy weather.

This natural ageing tends to make the inscriptions hard to read and can look very tattered. The remaining lettering is then carefully panel beaten back into place.

The art of replacing these missing lead letters is all but gone with the passing of time but fortunately a process is available to going some way to making the inscription readable

This process is similar to the Granite stone relettering and using the right technique these older marble headstones can be made to look like new again.

Your family gave site will look like brand new again.

Take a look at our Gallery to see examples of completed work.

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